Right now, as I am writing, I am surrounded by two laptops and a mobile phone. This means that I will tend to be distracted by notifications coming from three different devices, each of which has at least a dozen social media and apps installed on. The extraordinary thing is that this is my everyday life and that I am not surprised or disturbed even a little. We are now used to living within two worlds, real and virtual, the borders of which are thinning each day. We use social media to have fun, share our everyday life, inform us, follow the latest trends and even to work or look for work. The opportunities and activities that social media can offer seem endless and it is easy to appreciate the personalized service that most of these provide to their users every day. However, how much are we truly aware of the way we daily share our data and how well do we know the latent mechanisms through which social media work?

The urgency of giving meaning, form and weight to this global phenomenon that has shaped our way of life and that will accompany us over the coming years emerges clearly from these few considerations. How often do you use social media? For what reason? To what extent are you willing to share your data to have a personalized and efficient service? These are just some of the questions to which Professor Ugo di Tullio and his collaborators try to give an answer through an online questionnaire addressed to anyone who could define himself as a “user” of one or more social media. The very short questionnaire (filling in takes a maximum of 10 minutes) is part of a research project conducted for the drafting of an instant book on the awareness of social media users and how the relationship between them could develop in the future. You can access it quickly and easily through the link below; it is open to anyone interested in giving a contribution to this research project (no age limit):

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